Dr. Daya was very professional. I went to get all of my wisdom teeth removed and he was very compassionate and made me feel comfortable. I was very nervous about being under anesthesia, but he assured me that he and his staff would make sure the procedure went smooth. It felt like a 15-min nap, no kidding. Little to no pain after procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Daya if your looking for an oral surgeon. His assistant Stacey was great as well.

– Jizzle M.

Dr. Daya was very professional, yet personable. He was friendly and compassionate. He was able to see me on short notice for wisdom tooth pain, whereas another practice where I was already an established patient at was unable to. He explained the procedure and after-care to me, made sure I was comfortable the entire time I was in the office (I felt no pain!) and post-procedure, and maintained close follow-up. As someone without dental insurance, for the quality of care I received from Dr. Daya and his amazing staff (especially Melissa and assistants), the price I paid was affordable and well within reason. I am long overdue in writing this review, but I am tremendously grateful for Dr. Daya and team. They are wonderful, and if Dr. Daya was a general dentist, I would come to this office for all of my dental needs!

– Amaris A.

I am pleased and very lucky to have had surgery with Dr. Mikhail Daya. I had surgical removal of 5 erupted teeth in one day, and honestly not only did the procedures go successfully but also my recovery was remarkably fast, with zero pain, and all thanks to following his instructions and guidance. Another big factor that supported my super-fast recuperation was following Doctor Daya’s advice in doing an L-PRF. As a patient, I strongly recommend going for that, I was able to get back to my regular daily routines after a day and a half post-surgery. The staff was very thoughtful, they made me feel comfortable/safe, and they were always paying attention to my needs during my medical visit. I trust Dr. Mikhail Daya completely, he is the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon you need!! 🙂

– Sonia M.

I was referred to Dr. Daya by my dentist for wisdom tooth extraction that I had put off for far too long. The office staff are friendly and welcoming and I was taken back for my appointment within minutes of arriving! They have state of the art equipment and took an3D X-ray of my teeth. It was clear in the X-ray more so than traditional ones that my wisdom teeth were growing at an angle and a problem waiting to happen. Dr. Daya was very personable and took the time to explain to me why this procedure was necessary while reviewing my X-rays with me. He was focused on preserving my oral health rather than trying to upsell cosmetic procedures as is so common around this area. My main concern was pricing since I wasn’t sure what my insurance would cover. After the appointment they have someone come to the room to go over pricing and what your portion will be. This was such a relief to have someone who clearly understood what my insurance policy covers and exactly what portion I’ll be responsible for. The best part was it was significantly less than I was expecting it to be! The surgery itself went perfectly without any complications. I had no swelling, no bruising and very little pain. I’d recommend this office and Dr. Daya to anyone!

– Jessica A.

On My recent visit to Dr. Daya’s office, I found the staff warm and friendly. My dental surgery went very smoothly with little pain or stress. Dr. Daya was reassuring and professional. Thanks to his care, I had no pain or discomfort filling the treatment.

– Joan M.

I had a great experience at Dr Dayas office. He has amazing assistants Yannick & Stacey. The front office staff Kaylah & Katherine really helped me put with my insurance and appointment and made me feel like they really cared. The office manager Melissa was kind and helpful and made sure I had a good experience all the way through. Dr Daya is the best oral surgeon in the area and I felt no pain.

– Joshua A.

I had an AMAZING! experience here at SFIOS. I needed to get my wisdom teeth extracted and Melissa at the front desk was kind enough to provide me with detailed information of everything I needed for my appointment. On top of that, I got my appointment super quick! Didn’t need to wait a long time to get my procedure done!

Once I got into the office for my first appointment, I was greeted by the whole front desk crew. Melissa, Kayla and Katherine were very kind to me. They showed me around and guided me through all the paperwork that needed to be filled. They were all super happy to answer any question I had and that just reassured me through this procedure.

After the paperwork I got to meet the assistants Stacey and Yanick. Again, both of them super kind and amazing. Guided me through the procedure, sat me down in the op room and explained to me how the procedure is normally done. After a short while they introduced me to Dr. Daya and let me tell you, he’s STELLAR!. His professionalism and empathy is 5star, and ALL my fears of having my wisdom teeth extracted faded away as soon as he explained to me every step of the way.

I was lucky enough to have this procedure done by a full crew. Dr. Daya and his 2 great assistants have amazing teamwork chemistry; the procedure was done super quick and I didn’t feel anything! In AND out in NO time. Post-op instructions were given to me by Dr. Daya himself and repeated by the assistants so they made sure I didn’t miss any instructions during my recovery.

I had a super easy recovery as if nothing had happened. I hope I don’t need an oral surgeon myself in the future, but if I do, I’m definitely going back to Dr. Daya. I can’t recommend this place enough! Thank you! 🙂

– Fernando M.

Dr. Daya is a one of a kind that will explain procedure to you in your own language and not in a medical terms as others do. His work is great! and the follow up good. The staffs in his office are superb . Thank you all.

– Oluwaseun O.

I went in to have all of my wisdom teeth extracted. I felt no pain during and after the procedure. Dr. Daya and the staff did an exceptional job!

– Lucas S.